Educational Consultancy

EES is an educational consultancy and English phonics ‘trust’ that is assisted by LEM phonics Australia.

The benefits of this service ministry:

  1. English training as a strategy to open doors;

  2. As a business with a ministry focus it is assisting churches with a tent making ministry;

  3. It gives us access to great numbers of families that are represented in schools for follow-up evangelism and

  4. It also gives a proper basis for immigration access.

LEM Phonics is a world-class classical English literacy program that is taught as a week long professional development course for teachers.

English is a global language and India is at the forefront of the current globalisation with its deep heritage in the English language.

English in India is also an interstate language that gives enormous cohesion to an otherwise diverse linguistic make up. LEM phonics is at the cusp of these changes in India and Indians in the international context.

Under the auspices of EES professional educationalists are developing Christian teacher training ‘Postgraduate Diploma of Christian Education’ (GradDip CE).

This can be done in conjunction with undergraduate educational or theologi- cal studies. It is envisaged that these courses can be done by correspond- ence with semester seminars to com- plement the course with face-to-face content.

At the end of the seminars a system of assessment would complete the year- long full-time course.