The key resources to attend and LEM Phonics seminar run by Enchiridion India are now available at Indian prices because they have been printed in Indian as follows:

Teachers Manual  @ Rs 296
K Word List  @ Rs 167
Phonogram Flash Cards  @ Rs 175
Single and Multiple Phonogram Workbooks @ Rs 100

We have also crucial reference and teacher material at Indian prices
Word List Books 1 @ Rs 429
Word List Books 2 @ Rs 429
Word List Books 3 @ Rs 463
Book of Rules @ Rs 444

The above Indian printed material may be ordered in conjunction with scheduled LEM phonics seminars that can be attended according to the itinerary for LEM phonics seminars under Coming Events obtained on this website. Contact can be made by filling out the Contact Us facility on this website

An invoice will be sent to you that will include all items of your order plus shipping costs.

LEM Phonics features a comprehensive range of resources to provide an ordered, structured framework for learning.

Teacher resources include a manual (with the phonogram CD), four teacher’s word list books for the different years of the programme, and a teacher’s resource kit containing charts, cards, games and other resources.

Student resources feature nine workbooks and The Reference which is a progressively built book of rules, exceptions and challenging patterns. The student workbooks provide consolidation and practice for each stage of development.

Numerous other aids and helps are available, from a sing-along CD to flash cards, practice books, graded readers, writing tools and The Book of Rules (a comprehensive rules reference).

LEM Phonics also offers Pathway to Literacy, an ESL/remedial version of the programme.

The complete range of resources is shown in the LEM Phonics catalogue.

These and many more resources are available for online purchase but at western prices and may be accessed at