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IRFA News & Prayer Notes Sep-Nov 2015


Ann and I would like to thank all those who received us and cared for us during the months of June, July and August whilst we were visiting our supporting churches in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and now Queensland. It seems that I was away from home forever. Our home church at St John’s Presbyterian Church, Annerley gave us a lovely welcome home. When we were in Tasmania the common consensus was that I had been on the road for too long and I was getting tired. Next year we will be making these trips so that I am only away from home for no more than four weeks at a time.

It has been a great privilege to be able to meet so many of our supporting families and churches. Being able to bring God’s Word to many of our supporting churches was probably the highlight of our visitation. Our Triune God is doing His work amongst us and there are a host of stars that are holding forth the testimony of the Gospel across our Australian Church Body. When we attend a single church, we could easily become discouraged by the smallness of our testimony; but if you had the privilege of visiting the wider testimony within the churches of God, as I have in these past months, you would be encouraged and would acknowledge that the Lord is very much on His throne doing His work.

Yours in His all sufficient grace
Richard and Ann Wilson

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